People love libraries

From the “Greatest Hits” of the Pew Internet Survey –

One of the “mega
takeaways” – “People love their libraries even more for what they
say about their communities than for how libraries meet their
personal needs.”


New Tool for Text Visualization, and it’s Free

Juice Labs announces a new tool for the visualization of qualitative data – textual comments on survey responses, tweets, reviews. “Like our other free visualization tools in Juice Labs, the Comments visualization is designed for ease of use and sharing. Just drop in your own data, choose what fields you want to show as text and as values, and the visualization will immediately reflect your choices. The save button gives you a link that includes your data and settings”


Check it out at:

How is a visualization like art?

“Data Visualization is driven by data. Its form is often derived from optimizing the efficiency of inputting data (and information about that data) into a human brain. It is a very pragmatic practice, built around numbers and logic.” Drew Skau

But the best visualizations incorporate creative decisions to best communicate the data at hand.

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